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Welcome to Vengeance (VGE) Empty Welcome to Vengeance (VGE)

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:30 am

Welcome to Vengeance (VGE), a Conquest of Kings TOP 25/50 Guild !  We are a guild of active, elite, team based players who grow in strength together through organized and united effort!  If you feel you would like to join our ranks, please send a request now!  GUILD ID:  247499867  Our guild holds 44 honourable members, with guild benefits that currently include:  +22% Upgrade Speed, +22% Upgrade Cost Savings, +9% Casualty Rate Decrease, and a +10% Infantry Defence Bonus!

Existing Vengeance (VGE) Members:  If you are already a member of Vengeance (VGE), please register an account. After registering, send Myrra a message in-game with your username so he can enter you as a registered user of this website.


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